Officials in Position

Details Human Resources of Jharkhand State AIDS Control Society

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 Sl. No  Name  Desigantion  Division  Contact No.
1. Sri. Bhuvnesh Pratap Singh


Project Director  JSACS 0651-2210380
2. Dr. Shyam Sundar Paswan Additional Project Director JSACS 9234444047
3. Dr. Badal Chandra Bhakat Joint Director (CST) Care Support Treatment 9334915308
4. Dr. C. P. Choudhary Deputy Director (BTS) Blood Transfusion Service 9234675019
5. Dr. Debashish Chakraborty Dy. Director (SPM) SPM I/c. IEC 9234675013
6. Mr. Kaushal Kishore Paswan Deputy Director (TI) Targeted Intervention 9334914981
7. Mr. Satya Prakash Prasad Dy. Director (IEC) IEC 8709350630
8. Ms. Shilvia Murmu Administrative Officer Administration & Establishment, JSACS 6200293576
9. Dr. Sami Akhtar Shams Assistant Director (M&E)/ In-charge Procurement Officer SIMU / Procurement 9234675030
10. Md. Masoom Ali Assistant Director (ICTC/PPTCT) Basic Service Division 7488790758
11. Ms. Julie Neeta Sokey Assistant Director (VBD) BTS 9234675033
12. Dr. Sudhir Kumar Assistant Director (Quality) BTS, Lab Services 9234675020
13. Mr. Santosh Kumar Singh Assistant Director (GIPA) GIPA/ A/c. (CPFMS) 9234675024
14. Mr. Sanjay Kumar Accountant JSACS 9234675032
15. Mr. Siddhartha Goswami Divisional Assistant VBD 9234675015
16. Mr. Sangram Singh Divisional Assistant Administration, Establishment Cell & PD Cell, JSACS 9234685466
17. Ms. Shanti Kachhap Divisional Assistant Targeted Intervention 9234675012
18. Mr. Satyawan Kumar Divisional Assistant APD/ STI/ I/c. Dsk 7488790762
19. Mr. Amit Kumar Divisional Assistant CST/ A/c. 7488790759
20. Mr. Amit Prakash Divisional Assistant Store 7488790760
21. Mr. Rajesh Ranjan Upadhyay Divisional Assistant A/c. (PFMS) 9334886319
22. Mr. Krit Ranjan Kumar Computer Literate Steno. Procurement Section Blood Safety/ Procurement 7488790763
23. Ms. Reema Srivastava Divisional Assistant IEC 7488790764
24. Ms. Rashika Bhagat Divisional Assistant ICTC/ PPTCT 9334915318
25. Ms. Raj Kumari Divisional Assistant Dak Dispatch 7488790765
26. Mr. Fulena Kumar Chowdhury Driver Blood Mobile Bus 7870240492

Details of Human Resources (Technical Support Unit)

Sl. No. Name Designation Division Mobile No.
1. Mr. Surendra Nath Nayak Technical Expert Adv. & P., TSU 8742809849
2. Mr. Ajay Suresh Kamble TE-Lab TSU 8619087891
3. Ms. Sarveena Sinha Technical Expert SPIR TSU 9572612609
4.  Mr. Duryodhan Sahoo  Project Officer M&E  M&E, TSU  8080453510
 5.  Mr. Nihal Nathanieal  Programme Officer  TI-TSU  9337113228
 6.  Mr. Susant Jan  Programme Officer  TI-TSU  8240445372
 7.  Mr. Pankaj Kumar  Programme Officer  (M&E) TSU  8847070911
 8.  Mr. Ujwal  Programme Officer  ELM-TSU  9936420030
 9.  Mr. Saurabh Sharma  Finance & Admin Officer Admin. F, TSU  9386955552
10. Mr. Bapi Dutta Officer Assistant TSU 8292222445